Pearl  snare drum owners - Here is your Retrokit to replace that SR-015 throw-off!

The Pearl Retroplate™
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Pearl retroplate

The Trick GS007 to Pearl Pie Retrokit
$94.95 + free shipping in the United States!

Trick kit

Trick GS007 to Pearl Retrokit
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The original Modular Throw-off Match-up Retroplate™ allows you to take advantage of the  superior design and performance of the popular aftermarket Nickelworks and Trick Throw-offs without sacrificing the value of your snare drum.

 The Original MTM Retroplate™ advantages include:

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Rid yourself of outdated technology being forced upon you by the drum manufacturers by retroplating state-of-the-art throw-offs to your classic drums. You no longer have to settle for a throw-off, which will choke the sound of your Pearl snare drum! You now can take advantage the superior throw-offs offered by the aftermarket with out drilling new holes in your valuable prize snare drums. And because of this, the whole process is completely reversible, and putting your snare drum back to its factory state is simple, without harming the appearance or value of your drum! The installation process is as simple as changing a drumhead! The retroplate allows you to enhance your snare drum sound to the highest possible level by allowing you take total control of your sound by retrofitting the best throw-offs on the market to your snare drum!

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